Alcohol Is The Enemy For Anxiety Disorder?.

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Let me explain to you about alcohol. All alcoholic drinks contained very high sugar percentage. Alcohol produced fake sense of pleasure and relaxation. Your body is actually in danger although the alcohol seems to give you a relaxed and laid back sensation. Experts in this field have discovered that high doses of alcohol will seriously cause damage to your health.

Apart from many adverse effects, alcohol can also:
1. Decrease the amount of vitamins and minerals in the body
2. Cause major disturbance to the body’s natural ability to consume oxygen, to absorb vitamins and minerals and to digest food.This will give result to anxiety disorders.
3. Social ability, work performance. Relationships and financial stability will all be affected and in turn this will cause anxiety disorder and depression.

Alcohol can make individuals depressed.
Majority of people consumed alcohol in order to get relaxation feelings. However, alcohol consumptions can seriously distort your memory, comprehension and decision making. Similar to smoking tobacco, withdrawal from alcohol like with any other controlled drugs, not only produces terrible side effects, but also cause your blood sugar level to decrease.

Due to this sudden drop in your sugar level, you will more likely to have anxiety attacks. However if you want to cease your drinking habit, do it slowly and try not to stop the habit suddenly. Due to the nature of alcohol which can produce very extreme sensations, the developmet of high anxiety in you is very imminent. The amygdala ( a small organ in the brain) will likely to detect the sensations produced by alcohol as a ‘threat’ and instinctively will trigger the anxiety response. It is proven by medical experts that consuming alcohol during an anxiety disorder is a bad practise. Obviously it would be best to abstain totally from all alcohol beverages until you are cured from anxiety disorder.

The author is an ex OCD and anxiety disorder sufferer. He is now completely cured from all symptoms of high anxiety.
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Alcohol Is The Enemy For Anxiety Disorder?.

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This article was published on 2010/10/26