Alcoholism Causes and Symptoms and Effect and Treatment for Alcoholism

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Alcoholism is a condition in which a person has irresistible urge to consume alcohol. When a person consumes more alcohol than his body limits is often termed as alcohol abuse. This behavior soon takes a shape of a painful disease that kills both his physical as well as the mental health. If he continues drinking for long, he will not be able to resist alcohol and will become totally addicted to it. This situation is called as alcoholism. Both alcohol abuse and alcoholism are social vices and should be eliminated only by exercising control and being determined.

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Symptoms of Alcoholism

Following are the major alcoholism symptoms:

1. Red eyes, unkempt hair, mouth reeking of alcohol and unsteady
2. In the hour of their urge to drink, if alcohol is not available, they may become very cantankerous
3. Weak digestive and respiratory system
4. Poor functioning of nerves and pancreas
5. Fast heartbeat, rough voice and swelling on face
6. Increased tendency of vomiting and might complains about chest pain, inflammation, headache, stomachache, body pain

Causes of Alcoholism

An occasional alcoholic drink is the starting point for alcoholism. Over a period of time, a person who drinks occasionally gets habituated and regular drinking becomes the norm. Quite a lot of people have to indulge in social drinking due to societal and group pressure, while others find an escape route through drinking to evade responsibilities. They are under the misconception that drinking is a form of stress relief.

Home Remedies for Alcoholism

1. Alcoholics can resort to consuming apples, in large quantities, in order to remove the intoxication from their body. This would prove beneficial in treating alcoholism.
2. Another option is to rub 4 to 5 dates in half a glass of water. Drink this concoction twice a day. It would act favorably in treating alcoholism.
3. Take out the juice of the leaves of bitter gourd. Have three teaspoons of the juice, with one glass of buttermilk, every morning, on an empty stomach. This will be effective in treating alcoholism.
4. A healthy body is the precursor to good resistance power. Alcoholics should be given a healthy and nutritious diet, consisting of wholegrain cereals, nuts, seeds, sprouts, fresh fruits and vegetables. It would help avert the longing for stimulants like alcohol. This would, in turn, treat alcoholism.
5. Drinking fruit or vegetable juices and having candies or snacks, especially at the time of longing, will help curb the craving for alcohol.
6. Another way to treat alcoholism is to intake half a glass of raw celery juice, mixed with an equal amount of water, once in a day. Keep repeating this for at least a month.
7. Carrot juice helps reduce the urge to consume alcohol. Having a glass of carrot juice, whenever there is an urge to drink, will prove helpful in treating alcoholism.
8. Lemon juice and orange juice have also been found helpful in preventing the yearning for alcohol. Drink one glass of each, on a daily basis.

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Alcoholism Causes and Symptoms and Effect and Treatment for Alcoholism

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