Does Alcohol Make Depression Worse?

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Does alcohol make depression worse? You better believe it!  I know millions of people have a few drinks everyday in hopes of chasing the blues away, but it doesn't work like that.  Drinking alcohol will make you feel better, but only temporarily. And constant use and especially overuse will lead to both physical and mental health problems.

Alcohol is one of those drugs that actually requires greater and greater quantities be consumed to have the same effect after being abused over a long period of time. So you'll need more alcohol to get that warm and fuzzy feeling you crave.

Small quantities of alcohol will make you relaxed and give you a comfortable feeling around people. It can also let you speak up if you are usually shy or make you more aggressive in certain situations. On the good side of the ledger a small quantity of alcohol is actually good for your heart.

Does alcohol make depression worse?  Without a doubt.  The real question are you willing to change your habits for better mental health?  Many people aren't ready to make a change and suffer longer than they need to. If you continue to abuse alcohol your depression will worsen and you will live a troubled, unhappy life. Alcohol effects keep you from being able to recognize that it is one of the causes of your bad feelings. You will continue to spiral down to a deeper level of depression until you hit rock bottom or someone intervenes to help you.

Excessive alcohol will impair your judgment and capacity for making good decisions. You will become very tired and lethargic. The vicious cycle of drinking to feel better only to feel worse begins and you become more and more depressed. Physical health problems will no doubt begin to surface as your liver and kidneys struggle to keep up with the drinking.

An unbelievable number of traffic accidents are indirectly attributed to depression. This is true because of the relationship between depression and getting drunk in hopes of feeling better.  Instead many people end up in a traffic accident.

Does alcohol make depression worse?  It has caused many suicides.  It doesn't get much worse than that. It also leads to homicides and other violent crimes committed against people that just happen to be in the right place at the wrong time.

Just remember there are far better ways of dealing with depression than with alcohol. It will undoubtedly make your depression and your life miserable.  Now how do answer the question, does alcohol make depression worse?



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Does Alcohol Make Depression Worse?

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This article was published on 2010/11/23