Drunk People and Alcohol Detox

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What does alcohol detox consist of? Well basically what happens is that you take the alcoholic and put them under medical supervision for a few days while giving them medications. The medication you give to them is used to prevent seizures and shaking while they are going through alcohol withdrawal. There are actually a number of different medications that can be used for this and there are some advantages and disadvantages to each one. For example, in some cases, addictive medications are used to detox alcoholics, but in other cases a rehab center might use non-addictive medication instead. It really is up to the doctor who oversees the facility, and of course there are different theories and opinions regarding which is the best route to go.

In most cases there will not be any problems while detoxing someone from alcohol and things will go smoothly. But in rare cases people who are severely addicted to alcohol will have a violent withdrawal in which their body shakes uncontrollably and they start hallucinating. At this point they are also at a high risk for seizures so many times the doctors watching over them will order more medications to try and prevent this from happening. In extreme cases people who go through alcohol withdrawal have died from it.

Most drunk people do not realize the danger of going without alcohol when their body is seriously addicted to it, so it is important to encourage treatment if someone is thinking about quitting drinking. Medical supervision is almost always the best idea because there is this danger of complications during the withdrawal. The majority of people will not have these problems but those who do will require serious medical attention. Alcohol withdrawal is a life threatening condition so be sure to take it seriously if someone is shaking due to a lack of alcohol in their system.

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Drunk People and Alcohol Detox

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This article was published on 2010/03/28