Is alcoholism hereditary?

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Alcoholism devastates many families. It destroys the health of the alcoholic as well. Alcohol related traffic accidents take the lives of innocent people every day in the United States. What are the causes of alcoholism? Can it be that alcoholism is hereditary? There are studies that suggest that it just may be.


It is known that children of alcoholics often become alcoholics themselves. In fact, there are two kinds of children of alcoholics. Those that choose to follow the path and those that choose to stay as far away from alcoholic situations as possible. If it can be chosen, how hereditary can it be?


Alcoholism can be passed down from generation to generation. It has also been known to skip generations completely only to pick itself up in the next generation. Alcoholics who have parents who weren't often find that their grandparents were alcoholics. This is a case where his/her parents may have chosen a different lifestyle because they didn't like the way in which they were raised in their alcoholic homes.


When a parent has an alcohol problem, it is often passed down to their children. Science has proven that there is a gene that plays a role in alcoholism. This is no longer an idea, but a proven fact. What has yet to be determined is exactly which genes cause a person to be more prone to alcoholism.


The personality of the person in question has a lot to do with alcoholic tendencies as well. Although there is a gene that can raise the risk of becoming an alcoholic, there are other factors to consider as well. For instance, a brother and sister comes from the exact same gene pool. The brother becomes and alcoholic like his parents but the sister gets as far away from it as possible. She has the same chance of becoming an alcoholic but chooses not to go down that path.


The sister will less likely become an alcoholic because her personality doesn't bend that way. She has a more relaxed way of looking at life. She doesn't worry too much about things, she doesn't let life get her down and she doesn't care about the party scene. Her brother, on the other hand, worries constantly about life. He loves the party scene and he lets everything bother him. He is more likely to become an alcoholic and in fact has become one.


There isn't just one cause of alcoholism. Heredity can play a huge role in the determining factor though. There have to be other things involved as well. When mixed together, personality plus heredity can equal a very damaging blow to self-control in the matter of alcoholism. Unfortunately, once a person is addicted to the effects of alcohol on the brain, it is very difficult for the person to stop drinking. The disease never leaves the person. Even though a person can stop drinking and many have been successful at it, the risk is always there. Is alcoholism hereditary? It certainly can be.



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Is alcoholism hereditary?

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This article was published on 2010/10/31