Learning About Alcohol Withdrawal

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The people who suffer the greatest are those who love the person struggling through alcohol addiction. Alcoholics don't suffer through those pains because 9 times out of 10, they won't even remember them; they do not even have the ability to see what they are doing to the people around them.


On the other hand, family members and friends see all too clearly the self-destruction that happens with an alcoholic and they can see clearly all of the pain being caused. If there are children involved, they are sure to suffer the worst effects because they need love and nurturing that can't be given to them by an alcoholic parent. Some children are even put into the role of caregiver. Children who suffer in such a manner can sometimes grow to develop addictions of their own due to the negligent behavior of the parent.


Alcohol Withdrawal Effects


Although painful, more than just the family suffers from the alcoholic's addiction. There may be times that the alcohol withdrawal becomes so painfully uncontrollable the alcoholic begins to drink even while on the job. He becomes irresponsible and the risk of an accident happening becomes greater.


People who work with the public and are alcoholics are only asking for a disastrous outcome if they continue down the same road to destruction. A driver of public transportation, for example, can cause serious injury to many people if he were an alcoholic drinking on the job. Public servants who carry weapons are also asking for disaster.


Alcoholism is a big issue in our society. Every meeting, party, family get-together, and holiday celebration seems to have alcohol available for the guests so is it really a big surprise that there is such a high rate of alcohol abuse? It is a simple question of how do some people end up being alcoholics while others seem to be able to have a drink and end it there?


Alcohol tends to suppress the senses so many people turn to it for comfort or to deal with their problems. There is no feeling of pain if you have had more than your fair share of an alcoholic beverage. When an alcoholic decides he wants to quit drinking, he then has a whole other set of problems to work through such as the painful effects of the alcohol withdrawal on the system.


Alcoholics depend on the numbing effects of their drink to get them through the day. Either they do not want to face their own problems or they would rather go through life not feeing anything at all. The unfortunate result is the worse they feel when they go on alcohol withdrawal and begin to sober up. Alcoholics are unable to cure the problem on their own and they should always seek professional advice.




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Learning About Alcohol Withdrawal

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This article was published on 2010/09/08