What is Alcohol Anxiety?

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More often than not, one of the reasons why people drink alcohol is to forget their problems even for a little while.  But what they do not know is that alcohol affects the brain chemicals in the brain that causes people to behave differently.  Furthermore, people who drink alcohol to forget problems often develop dependence on this particular substance because by drinking, they feel that all their problems go away that they begin to feel better about themselves.

What they do not know is that once they wake up in the morning, which is called the morning after, all they feel is a bad hangover and then, they would just remember the problems that they wanted to forget in the first place.  But when they try to stop the habit, they experience all sorts of withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, agitation, confusion and hallucination.  In fact, you can even develop alcohol anxiety when you abruptly stop from drinking alcohol.  And when you cannot take these symptoms anymore, you just go back to being an alcoholic again.

People who resort to alcohol as a way out can experience sleep disorder, depression, irregularly fast heart rate and low blood sugar level.  In addition, they would enjoy life less and less, their relationships would fall apart and they would be recluse even more.

So, instead of drinking alcohol, you need to face whatever problems you have and solve in a proper and healthy manner.  Oftentimes, people who abuse this substance experienced traumatic events in their lives such as an accident of a crime of violence and all they wanted to do is to forgot about them.  But what would be best for them to do is to assess that traumatic event.  He must realize that it already happened in the past and he still has the opportunity to learn from it and do whatever he can to prevent it from happening again.  If he is able to move on and develop an adequate and realistic way of seeing and feeling about himself, then, he would be able to overcome his anxieties and fears. 

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What is Alcohol Anxiety?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30